CNC machining

After the castings have been trimmed and tumbled in the foundry, they are transferred to our state-of-the-art machining section. This is where more than 70 CNC milling machines are used to machine the components to an exact size in critical locations. Thanks to the variety of the machines, we can efficiently produce parts to extremely precise dimensional tolerances. Here again, we use the most modern and advanced machines available to achieve an optimal result. We call this CNC machining environment BUVO 4.0 – a name that speaks volumes about our equipment and methods in this part of the factory. The special thing about BUVO 4.0 is that this area has been developed with

Industry 4.0 in mind>Industry 4.0 is the latest advancement in the industrial revolution, which is characterised by a high degree of automation and communication between man, machine and products. We monitor and control the production process based on continuous data exchange between the existing robots, CNC machining centres and the products in order to achieve the most optimal result and process flow.

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