About BUVO

A unique company, committed to quality, innovation, craftsmanship and future-readiness as the ingredients for stable growth.

BUVO is an aluminium die-casting foundry that specialises in casting and mechanically machining products for a wide variety of applications. BUVO also develops and produces tooling in its in-house toolmaking facility, BUVO Tools.

Facts and figures

BUVO is a highly adaptive, dynamic organisation. Innovation, craftsmanship and future-readiness are key themes in our company. These core values have helped BUVO become one of the most modern aluminium high-pressure die-casting foundries in the world since it was founded in 1980.

Founded: 1980
Workforce: > 250 (2021)
Total surface area (production facilities): 16,500 m2 (2021)

Innovation and development within BUVO

The level of demand for high-quality and complex aluminium castings continues to grow, partly due to the strong increase of interest in eMobility. In this specific area, where there is a requirement for complex, small products, BUVO is the acknowledged global specialist.

BUVO invests and innovates

In order to realize our growth ambitions, BUVO continuously invests in the development of our people, our processes and our machines. Investment and innovation that ensure a perfect match between the fascinating craft of aluminium high-pressure die-casting and the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s world. Thanks to continuous in-house development and our pursuit of perfection, we are recognised as one of the top foundries in the world. We are a clear frontrunner in the techniques we apply, both in the foundry and in the machining shop, and we are extremely proud of that achievement.

Will BUVO become your new supplier?

Quality, innovation and craftsmanship are our top priorities.

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