BUVO Castings BV operates in various market segments and wants to meet the applicable market requirements by actively pursuing ISO9001 and IATF16949 certification.

In order to be able to continue to meet the wishes and requirements of customers, a team is constantly looking for the most optimal process management. The basic principle here is at least meeting the wishes of the customer and the associated customer and product specific requirements.

In the process from quotation to implementation, customer requirements are included in the process design at an early stage and supplemented with specific process knowledge in order to be able to implement a zero-error policy as much as possible. In this process goals with KPIs have been implemented in critical places.

All stakeholders are actively involved in the quality policy:

  • The owners to facilitate investments in new techniques that ensure that BUVO can continue to make and supply high quality parts at a competitive level.
  • The customers who, in addition to a high quality and zero-error policy, also request a service that supports this policy.
  • The employees who are jointly responsible for shaping and executing the zero-error strategy in addition to continuous improvement of their own performance.
  • The suppliers of outsourced processes and purchased parts that operate as an extension of BUVO to deliver in accordance with customer-specific requirements.
  • The partners that make it possible to continue to operate under the most ideal process conditions.

Product safety is an inseparable part of the policy due to the legal requirements. In order to guarantee maximum product safety, qualified specialists are present who co-assess and monitor conformity from the first contact up to and including implementation.

In summary, BUVO’s Quality Policy is geared to a continuous improvement process with competitive zero errors and perfect service as dots on the horizon.

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