Our formula for success

BUVO is an unique organisation in our industry. Our approach of taking on testing technical challenges on behalf of our customers has contributed significantly to our growth and development. BUVO’s formula for success is based on six characteristics, which define us and shape who we are.

Craftsmanship & professionalism
At BUVO, we grasp challenges with both hands and strive to create the best technical solution in everything we do. We use our skill, knowledge and love of our craft to come up with highly appropriate and effective solutions, in collaboration with our customers. Only when we have found a high-quality solution that satisfies our customer’s needs and wishes do we move on to the production stage. Our professionalism is demonstrated by quality, dependability and transparency, starting with open and frank communication. We communicate transparently with each other and with our customers.

Craftsmanship is masterful competence. We make excellent products with our hands, our intelligence and our machines, in the knowledge that our strength lies in the quality of our people.

Innovative & progressive at every stage of the process
Our ambition is to be and remain the best technical player in the market. To ensure that we always lead the way as a trendsetter in the world of aluminium high-pressure die-casting and related processes, we continuously look for additional knowledge and methodologies. We remain receptive to new opportunities that help us stay ahead of competitors in all areas of the business: our production methods, our machining and finishing facilities, our way of communicating and the way in which we collaborate.

At BUVO, nobody ever says ‘we’ve always done it this way’ and we do not accept ingrained practices or automatism. We are always critical of ourselves and our environment. With the sole intention of continuing to develop and improve.

Future-oriented & Ambitious
At BUVO, we are committed to future-oriented and long-term collaboration with all our stakeholders. “Together, we define the future”


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Quality, innovation and craftsmanship are our top priorities.

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