Heating & cooling

We have now been able to prove the added value of high-pressure casting to a large number of clients in this industry and we produce various parts for, among other things, heat exchangers.

Heat management is a sector where we have been active ever since the company was founded. Thanks to intensive collaboration with our customers, we have successfully displaced sand-cast products with our die-cast solutions in several projects, and achieved significant product cost savings for the customer. In addition, thanks to far-reaching automation in our process, we are able to guarantee consistently high product quality.

Products that we make on our machines

BUVO in the heating & cooling sector

  • Many years of experience
  • Successful conversion of sand-cast products to high-pressure die-castings in projects
  • Realisation of cost savings for customers
  • High degree of automation
  • Consistently high product quality
  • Unique specialist knowledge of casting around tubes

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Toolmaking facility

High-quality tooling made in our own toolmaking facility.


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CNC machining

Craftsmanship meets Industry 4.0 at BUVO.


Putting together and assembling semi-finished products.

High End aluminium hogedrukgieterij/high-end aluminum high-pressure foundry/High-End-Aluminium-Druckgießerei

Surface treatment

That extra layer of quality.


When only the best is good enough.


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