Environmental policy

With its policy BUVO Castings BV wants to ensure that all stakeholders are served as much as possible by good environmental policy: employees, environment / society, customers and shareholders.

Our raw materials
BUVO Castings BV produces Aluminum parts from 100% secondary Aluminum. This is Aluminum that is made suitable again for use at BUVO by reprocessing. Aluminum is a durable material. In principle, it can be reused indefinitely.

Our production
When producing Aluminum parts, solid Aluminum must be melted and from that point of view, energy consumption is the most critical environmental aspect. The control of the CO2 load is the key parameter with which BUVO actively uses its processes and machines. In the process design, BUVO will take maximum account of melting losses and their control. Auxiliaries are used for melting Aluminum and processing Aluminum parts. These additives are not included in the product and are disposed of as waste. Controlling waste flows is the second aspect of active environmental management. Developing less burdensome processes is a constant point of attention.

Our environment
The environment and its impact have not been forgotten either. It goes without saying that BUVO adheres to applicable environmental covenants and regulations and expresses this by consciously pursuing ISO14001 certification.

This certification also includes the applicable customer-specific matters such as REACH, Conflict Minerals and RoHS. The active management of information about the application and properties of materials and auxiliary materials is secured in the operational management with the certification.

Use of sustainable techniques
In addition to major environmentally relevant developments in the production process, small-scale improvements are also not forgotten. The use of LED lighting, heat pumps and even electrically powered vehicles are implemented.

In summary, the environmental policy of BUVO Casting BV is geared to a continuous improvement process with sustainability as a dot on the horizon

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