Casting machines

In total there are no fewer than 17 casting cells, with room for 24 high-pressure die-casting machines machines. The clamping force of these machines varies between 340 and 920 tons and the most advanced products can be produced here because the liquid aluminum is shaped in a few hundredths of a second. All our casting machines are from the leading Swiss brand Bühler and are equipped with Shot Control technology.

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>340 – 920 ton
10 year
Average age

Casting machines in action at BUVO

Other machines from our production process

Measuring machines

In order to achieve the highest quality and accuracy, we have access to a large number of measuring machines.

Cleaning machines

Castings that must meet high purity requirements are cleaned directly in the production line or in a shielded cleanroom after processing.

CNC machines

In our modern production hall BUVO 4.0, there are more than 70 CNC milling machines to fully customize the casting parts at critical locations.

Rotary Tumblers

After the castings have been cast in the correct shape, they are immediately removed from burrs and sharp edges in or near the casting cell by trimming and tumbling them.

Melting furnaces

BUVO Castings owns 5 new generation pre-melting furnaces in which efficiency and energy savings go hand in hand compared to outdated models.


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