Aluminum high-pressure foundry specializing in casting and mechanical machining of products for various applications.

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Die Casting for Green Mobility

The market for “Green Mobility”, a name we prefer to use ourselves because it indicates that it is not just about cars, has ensured that the previously traditional markets for means of transport have changed at lightning speed.

From fossil fuel-consuming engines to batteries in car; from refueling at a traditional gas station to charging at the charging station in your street; from car to electric bicycle for medium distances. BUVO’s innovative and sustainable solutions for heat dissipation in aluminum castings meanwhile have a large sales market among both existing and new clients who are all looking for a way to remove and/or dispose of all the extra heat released by electricity.

Die Casting for Green Mobility

Aluminum high-pressure foundry BUVO Castings

BUVO Castings is a leading high-end aluminum high-pressure foundry specialized in casting and mechanical processing of products for various applications.

BUVO Castings produces casting parts for organizations from a large number of different sectors such as E-bikes, Automotive, Heating, Medical technology, Agriculture and more. BUVO Castings knows better than anyone how to design, guide and realize the production processes for this organizations. BUVO also has extensive experience in taking over projects from customers. The development department and tool shop implement complex and specialist projects professionally and qualitatively.

Craftsmanship, quality and innovation. 

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