Toolmaking facility

Aluminium castings are produced by forcing liquid aluminium into a mould, which gives the part the desired shape. We use the most advanced machines available and extremely complex moulds in our production facility.

The fact that BUVO produces its moulds in an in-house toolmaking department is a major advantage. As a result, the lines of communication are short and we can react quickly and alertly during the start-up phase. We can also make corrections quickly and effectively during production. The skilled craftsmen in BUVO’s toolmaking facility work with the best machines and state-of-the-art technology to achieve optimal results. Furthermore, everything is drawn in 3D and we can carry out a Mould-Flow simulation beforehand to indicate how the molten aluminium flows into the mould to shape the products.

Here again, we have all the resources, people and competencies required for optimal results at our disposal.

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Toolmaking facility


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