High-quality hand tools

In the realm of high-quality hand tools, attributes such as durability, ability to withstand long-term heavy loads and optimal weight are paramount. While there exists a demand for cast parts within this sector, BUVO’s current share remains limited.

Nevertheless, we are poised to expand our product portfolio to cater to this demand. As specialists in crafting complex cast parts, BUVO is well-positioned to seamlessly align with the requirements of this sector.

Products that we make on our machines

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Toolmaking facility

High-quality tooling made in our own toolmaking facility.


The beating heart of our company.

CNC machining

Craftsmanship meets Industry 4.0 at BUVO.


Putting together and assembling semi-finished products.

High End aluminium hogedrukgieterij/high-end aluminum high-pressure foundry/High-End-Aluminium-Druckgießerei

Surface treatment

That extra layer of quality.


When only the best is good enough.


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