Melting furnaces

BUVO is able to process all necessary alloys. This can be done directly on a few casting cells, as well as in one of our five pre-melting furnaces. In these pre-melters we process the three fast-running alloys, namely 226, 230 and 239.

We therefore use one or more pre-melting furnaces for each of these alloys. In these premelt furnaces, solid aluminum is melted up to a temperature of 760 ° C. After this, the melt is freed of impurities by means of degassing. The liquid, degassed aluminum is transported to the dosing furnaces on the casting cells.



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7750 kg
Total capacity
4000 kgs/hour

Melting furnaces in action at BUVO

Other machines from our production process

Measuring machines

In order to achieve the highest quality and accuracy, we have access to a large number of measuring machines.

Cleaning machines

Castings that must meet high purity requirements are cleaned directly in the production line or in a shielded cleanroom after processing.

CNC machines

In our modern production hall BUVO 4.0, there are more than 70 CNC milling machines to fully customize the casting parts at critical locations.

Rotary Tumblers

After the castings have been cast in the correct shape, they are immediately removed from burrs and sharp edges in or near the casting cell by trimming and tumbling them.

Casting machines

In total, no fewer than 17 casting machines are located in our 3 casting halls, where there is room for 24 casting machines.


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