The aluminium components are produced in our own foundry area, which comprises 3 die-casting sections where we use 17 casting cells. The locking force of these casting cells varies between 340 and 920 tons. In addition, we work with highly advanced machines that are capable of forming the liquid secondary aluminium at 680 degrees into the cast component within a few hundredths of a second.

BUVO also uses different alloys in order to satisfy the requirements of different applications. The most commonly used alloys are 226 (GDAISi9Cu3), 230 (GDAISi12) and 239 (GDAlSi10Mg). We heat up these basic casting alloys in our own smelting furnaces before transferring the liquid aluminium to the die-casting machines.

The first machining step is performed fully automatically immediately after die-casting. Flash and sharp edges are removed automatically from all castings in or close to the casting cell by (inline) trimming and tumbling equipment.

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