Die Casting for Green Mobility

The automotive market is changing rapidly and BUVO responds seamlessly to this with its complex and high-end castings that ensure weight savings and heat dissipation in electronically driven vehicles. BUVO Castings continues to grow in the Green Mobility market.

The market for “Green Mobility”, a name we prefer to use ourselves because it indicates that it is not just about cars, has ensured that the previously traditional markets for means of transport have changed at lightning speed: from fossil fuel-consuming engines to batteries in car; from refueling at a traditional gas station to charging at the charging station in your street; from car to electric bicycle for medium distances. BUVO’s innovative and sustainable solutions for heat dissipation in aluminum castings meanwhile have a large sales market among both existing and new clients who are all looking for a way to remove and/or dispose of all the extra heat released by electricity.

Die Casting for Green Mobility

Products that we make on our machines

BUVO, Die Casting for Green Mobility

  • Knowledge and expertise of solid, light and complex housings
  • Cooling and heat dissipation authority
  • Experience with Automotive Electronic Drives
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Producer for the largest and most prominent E-mobility manufacturers
  • Producer for the largest and most prominent E-bike manufacturers
  • Complete solution for the entire production process

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