More than a standard foundry

Due to our specialist knowledge, our modern machinery and high-quality production techniques, BUVO is one of the top players in the aluminum high-pressure casting market. For our customers, we are the specialist who thinks along about manufacturability in the design phase, prepares products and processes for series in the industrialization phase and delivers high-quality components in the right numbers in the production phase.

We take that step further, where others cannot. Below we describe a number of solutions that we have in our package for this purpose.

The quality of BUVO

  • 40 years of experience, since 1980
  • Certified organization-wide
  • High-end machinery
  • 250 specialist employees
  • The latest machines and techniques
Our solutions

Casting other materials

BUVO has many years of experience in molding dissimilar materials and our solutions for this are widely used in the automotive and heating sectors.

Single-source supplier

All under one roof!

Active cooling & heating

Modern techniques such as E-mobility require a different view of active cooling.



Our Shot-Control machines allow us to cast very advanced products in a leak-tight manner with high controllability and repeatability.


The requirements set by the automotive and industrial sector for the cleanliness of products are becoming increasingly higher.


Thanks to our Shot-Control machines and in-house development of tools with the help of filling simulation, we can cast products very accurately to the size so that any processing is prevented or is minimally necessary.

Stalled projects

Fast and effective troubleshooting!


Will BUVO become your new supplier?

Quality, innovation and craftsmanship are our top priorities.

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